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Swapa Drops Music Video for “Foot Work” with Director Tony Dvcks

Swapa is a unique up n coming artist bringing something new to the underground. Usingg his orginal sound and style, he's attracting more attention each day. He's recently dropped a music video for his track "foot work" which was on his most recent album "New Harmony". It's one of his most notable tracks, so Swapa made sure to team up with talented director and editor @tonydvcks for this video. Let's talk about the fire visuals this incredible duo cooked up.

First let's talk a little about the track itself. "Foot Work" is all about how Swapa carries himself and his overall character. His bars are just subtle back to back verses about himself dealing with haters, females, and zaza. It can be amusing sometimes with it's creative wordplay, but also takes serious turns to show he isn't exactly one to play with. Now let's get into how the visuals correlate to the music.

The music video takes place in this warehouse esque area both indoors and outdoors. Even though there are only a few colors highlighted, such as red, black, and white, Tony makes sure they pack a punch. With scenes like Swapa's bigger than life shadow casted by a red light and close up shots of him in black and white, it give this music video a thriller movie vibe. I also love how the video isn't bombarded with visual effects. Tony uses swift transitions and simple movements to create a strong focus on Swapa while staying fluid with the visuals. I think a lot of artists and directors need to take a note from him in the sense that these days you can still use the most simple tools or ideas to create a complex body of work. That being said, it's definitely a video you need to see for yourself to completely understand.

The video is uploaded to @tonydvcks personal channel along with plenty of other fire videos you should check out. Along with those great artists, make sure you check out Swapa's discography and his latest album "New Harmony". These are both talented individuals that deserve to be recognized in the underground and more so if you like their stuff go and let the people know!

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