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Swapa's "NEW HARMONY" is One of the Best Projects to Hit the Underground

Swapa is one of the few artists coming into the underground with a refreshing, new, and original sound. Creative bars and ingenious flows from this committed artist have created music unparalleled to others in the underground. Fans and audiences of all kinds tap into this innovative individual because he provides that genuine vibe and energy you won't be able to get from anyone else. His latest album "NEW HARMONY" is one of his most distinctive pieces of work yet and emphasizes the point that his sound is one to behold.

"NEW HARMONY" has a total of 7 tracks with beats brought to you by incredible producers such as worried sick, bonx, math Uuuu, duble, perc40, ggabriel, and hd. With the collaboration of these excellent prods and Swapa's fantastic talent for versatility, the tracks in this project will have you feeling like you're traveling to different worlds. The album starts off with "Stress Free" which is a smooth intro to the rest of the magic that comes next. He talks about his aspirations of being at a point in life with no worries and the negativity he faces on the way to the top. He focuses on the bag not needing to worry about what others think of him. Then it proceeds to "Too Deep" which is all about the struggles he deals with whether it's money, relationships, or time sometimes you just get too deep into a situation. The track is produced by bonx, another upcoming artist, and the fusion of these two rising stars generate this unique flying through space vibe. After that track, he comes in hard with "No.9 Mickey". This track gives off Scar Face energy with bars about money, power, and women. The strength behind his words and the beat makes a menacing, devastating combo that you'll love. Following the malicious sound is "Me Vs Me" which flips the vibe into a more positive and upbeat mood. The smooth flow and futuristic beat sync so beautifully that it'll definitely be the one you keep on repeat. It's all about how Swapa has no competition except himself because no one is making music like him. Continuing this positive energy is "Niggas mad" featuring another upcoming popular artist Jaydes. They talk about the lavish activities they're out doing as successful artists while haters stay inside hating. Both on their way to success this track is just a ha-ha to those who didn't believe in their growth. The second to last track is "Blessed By God" which definitely has an anjelic presence to it. The track is an emphasis on Swapa's extraordinary talent to create music that he views as a blessing from god. The last track "right" is somber, short, and meaningful outro. After the album takes you on this out of world experience this track lands you back on Earth. It's a perfect wrap up for the album and leaves you with a deep perspective on his view of certain aspects of life.

The whole album is just a versatile masterpiece filled with new sounds and flows giving it the deserved title "NEW HARMONY". It has tracks to get any party started and tracks for when you just need some time to yourself. You can play it anytime anywhere and that's just one of the reasons that makes it so special. To hear for yourself click this link- NEW HARMONY

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