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Tap into Vi$ion’s new Track “Nobody”

Imminent star, Vi$ion, has recently released a fire track to add to his discography. It's called "nobody" and is truly some of his best work yet. Let's get into this impressive sound and see what this track is about.

Now from the track title you might assume this might have an emotional heartfelt type of vibe, but that is not the case. In fact it's quite the opposite once you listen to the lyrics. He doesn't feel like a nobody, he needs nobody. Throughout the track you'll start to get a feel of independence especially when he talks about disregarding people's opinions. What I find most likeable about the track is it's production. Inuyasha and Vi$ion himself are the minds behind the beat. It gives me a slight nostalgic energy with it having a slightly similar sound to a PlayStation console starting up.

Words can only do so much so if you're intrigued you should definitely check out the track for yourself. It's worth the time if you have it especially if you're looking for something new. Even if it's not for you I'm sure there's still something Vi$ion has in his libary that you'll enjoy so make sure to tap in regardless!


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