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Texdro Starts a War with “Dro vs. Wrld”

Texdro has been gathering lots of attention over his latest project "Dro vs. Wrld". It's got 3 tracks created with a handful of producers such as Juju, YukiSX, Wydsonni, Fonnywallace, and thankyoudesmos. With devastating flows and hardcore bars this is a must listen for anyone looking for raw new music.

"Dro vs. Wrld" starts off with "fuck the world" and the instrumentals on this track is the perfect intro for the project. The drumming in the beginning puts you in Texdro's perspective as he enters the battlefield. He gets into why he thinks the world is fucked up, but won't let it stop him from reaching his full potential. Most people struggle with the negativity in life, but Texdro has a way with dealing with it. He just smokes and makes music and that's what "idgaf" is about. It's the second track and comes with a catchy piano beat giving it a classy feel. He doesn't care about others and smokes away their opinions. People may view him as "fucked up" but in his eyes he's just being himself and that's all that matters to him. All he needs is himself and he emphasizes that on the last track "i never needed them". This track is dedicated to all the snakes that have ever wronged him. He's always leveling up and improving in any way while his haters stay focused on what he's doing. I really love the production of the project as it's always upbeat and never has a dull moment. He keeps it energetic and fun with his own unique flows and catchy lines. Texdro really takes the W with "Dro vs. Wrld"

The project has already been listened to hundreds of times and for good reason. It's the pick me up anyone can use when they need to boost their self confidence. He's got his own sound so you won't be able to get this type of music from anyone else. If you want to hear more click here "Dro vs. Wrld"


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