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The Child of Drama and Vivienne soldier Link Up for “Guts”

Audiences are hyped about the sound collision between $amaad and Devstacks in their new track "Guts". With $amaad on the mic and Devstacks on the beat, it's a no-brainer that this song would end up a hit. Just like weapon and meister, the teamwork from $amaad and Devstacks are impeccable. I hope in the future we see a role reversal as $amaad is a reputable producer as well.

The beat is of the regalia genre which Devstacks is most known for tapping into. It's not something you see $amaad hop on very often but he still kills it nonetheless. Delivering cold bars to flow along the trembling bass and horns is what makes this track so pleasing. It's exactly the type of sound we expected from these two. They both just do what they do best, knowing that's what the audience wanted. They're plenty of other routes they could've taken with this track, but I think they knew this was the best way to go about it for now. The anime reference made is impactful as well for those who are a fan of "Berserk". The track title "Guts" refers to the name of the main character and provides more of a meaningful aspect to the track. The verse "My hair in the wind like Griffith, but I'm swinging my sword like Guts" is the most distinguished verse out of the whole track. $amaad is known for showing the duality of his personality and this is a perfect example of that. Griffith and Guts were friends turned foe but in this instance it's to show both sides of his personality. It could also represent that both Devstacks and $amaad are both the main characters when working together. Regardless it's very clever wordplay that ties in the overall theme of the track.

Tap into these creative minds and find your own understanding of the music. This is something the underground has been waiting on for a while so don't sleep on the collaboration. I hope in the future we see a role reversal as $amaad is a reputable producer as well.

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