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“The Danger” By Rikkie Blaise is Dangerously Good

Rikkie Blaise is a upcoming artist breaking through the underground with his unique sound. Having a small but growing fanbase, he has been nothing but motivated to bless people and their ears with his music. With over 30+ tracks in his discography, there’s plenty of fire tracks that you can listen and vibe too. Although there is one track that stands out more than the rest and that would be his track “The Danger”.

”The Danger” is one of the most creative songs I’ve heard in a while and gives you a refreshing taste of wordplay. The track starts off with a Breaking Bad sample and honestly it’s probably one of the hardest samples you’ll hear. It definitely provides the right energy for Rikkie to hop on the beat and kill it. He spits some fire anime references that true OG anime watchers would be proud of and appreciate. He also talks about how he shouldn’t be compared to anyone because like I said before he carries his own sound. His adlibs are on point and jus make his creative lyrics hit even harder. What glues this all together is the beat.

The beat is produced by @helios_1st and goes absolutely insane. Everytime I hear the beat all I picture is a bunch of trap thugs in a rave that’s honestly the vibe it gives off. Once you hear it for yourself you’ll understand what I mean. The track is released on all platforms so there’s no excuse to not give a listen. if any track is going to make you a Rikkie Blaise fan it’s definitely “The Danger”.

To hear more Rikkie Blaise click here- Rikkie Blaise


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