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Therealxx3 Keeps it Real

Those who like to dig to find the newest artists, I got you. Motivated to make it to the spotlight, Therealxx3 is definitely someone to peep. You need to tap into the beginning of his music career if you wanna catch the upcoming progress in real time.

This artist has a great ear when it comes to beat selection, as he's always hopping on some of the most eccentric beats you'll hear produced. Of course the beat can only be amplified with an artist such as Therealxx3. He tries to keep his flows versatile by always adding a little twist to each track he works on. You'll always get that same energy but in a different form. He's got a rage/trap type of sound that is blowing up the underground. If you like artists such as Yeat or Kankan then I think you'll grow fond of this artist. You can hear all that I'm talking about on his latest project "Way2up".

Like I mentioned before, if you're looking for new artists then look no more. Therealxx3 is definitely someone who you wanna be checking in on to see his journey. If he's the type of artist he claims to be then you'll definitely be witnessing history if you tap in with him now!

To hear more click here- "Way2up"


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