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TooDrowzie and his Emotional Track “Eclipse”

TooDrowzie is a emerging artist from Florida taking the stage. Known for his vocals and energy throughout his music, he's garnered plenty of supporters. A great example of his talent in music is his track "Eclipse".

The first thing to notice is the sample. He uses a very reputable sample, the same one used in Kanye West's song "good morning", although completely puts his own spin on it. He talks about him being overshadowed by others or it being the other way around. That's why the track title "eclipse" is a perfect name. A lot of people can relate to being overcasted, hard to explain to other people who don't feel it so you can feel alone. That's why when tracks like this can put it in words, it can positively affect any community. Not only that but he talks about getting past that feeling and becomes the one that makes other people feel overshadowed. It's a confident comeback track with a message I think most would agree with.

If you relate to his message then you might appreciate some of his work. Give Too Drowzie a chance and tap into his discography. His energy and flows just might be for you!

To hear the track click here- Eclipse


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