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Txzi’s “Himothy” is Sure to make you Feel like That Guy

Txzi claims his title as "him" with his new project "Himothy". He's taking over with his "Woah" adlibs and crazy beat selection. It's definitely a project you'll want to tap into if you're looking for something new.

The majority of the tracks are generally just him talking about how he is "him" and why he's good on his own. Feeling like the only person that will look out for him is himself, he decided to let it all out with bars from his perspective. He talks multiple times how there will be fake love or those who will always doubt him. He makes sure to let them know that it doesn't get to him and he'll always keeping going up till he's the star he knows he is. He uses witty and creative lines to deliver this point. The whole project has 7 tracks produced by prods like awdi, bladee, brokeboitaylor, 19thou, and inffabe. They all did an excellent job in creating bumping beats that'll get your soul vibrating.

Be sure to tap in and show support to this up n coming artist as well as these talented prods. You've got nothing to lose by giving it a listen. Who knows, you might've just found your new favorite artist.

To hear the project click here- Himothy


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