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Unworthycanofbeans is worthy of your playlist


Unworthycanofbeans is an underground artist who has been making quite some noise lately! He has been a great contributor to the rising emo plugg wave by providing emotional tracks of heartbreak and sorrow to his fans and those in need. His tracks have reached hundreds of plays with some even breaking up to 1K+. He's grown a large fanbase and is currently 200 away from reaching 2K followers on Instagram. He has multiple years of music experience and has even performed at a show! So far his music is taking him on a great path to success and if you heard it you would understand why.


His music is filled with soulful lyrics and rockstar-type vibes. Just like Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, and Lil Tracy he uses his music to turn sadness into a turnt energy and makes you feel on top of the world instead of feeling alone in the world. His taste in instrumentals is impeccable. His music is part of a rising wave called emo plugg and he even has a song with one of the fathers of the genre Clouty!. He's very versatile and has many tracks featuring all kinds of artists showing he can work with anyone and anything. More importantly, he puts his all into his music not only for himself but for his fans as well because he understands the power his music has to help those in need.


With the way Unworthycanofbeans has been grinding, he's soon to be the underground's next rockstar. He's currently in the process of releasing some music videos which is something that has been long-awaited by fans. Even with years of experience, he doesn't stop improving himself whether it comes to vocals, instrumentals, or lyricism. As long as he stays consistent there's no limit to how far his music will go. Eventually, you'll see him on top playlists from streaming platforms to your own playlist. To hear more about Unworthycanofbeans click here- Unworthycanofbeans


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