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Up n Coming Artist Lil Mitch

Lil Mitch is a artist/producer from Hot Springs Arizona. With only about a year in his music career Lil Mitch is still making a name for himself.

He’s got the talent, motivation and is ready to show the world what he’s capable of. He’s got 15 tracks under his belt so far most coming from his debut album “Just Us”. His top tracks include “Flight to LA”, “Lose My Mind Ft 501Briggs”, and “Better off Alone”. Mostly focused on rap/hip hop, Lil Mitch provides a unique flow and energy to each of his tracks. He also is able to come up with bars and lyrics that make him different than the others as he is able to keep it original. He puts nothing but raw emotion in his words so you can not only listen to what he’s saying but feel it as well. Still coming up early in his career he’s gotten major feedback from fans on multiple social media platforms and it’s no wonder why. He’s gotten a score of 80 overall by Milky rap promo on his rap card. His goals for 2022 are to get 1k followers, have a song with over 5K plays, shoot his first music video, and to perform for the first time.Only bigger and better things are expected of this artist so it’s best to start listening while he’s still new and upcoming!

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