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Vi$ion Drops a Banger for the Underground Called “Addiction”

A new track has just been released to the underground that will have you in the best get money mindset. It's called "addiction" and made by upcoming artist Vi$ion. Tap in and learn why it's one of his best bangers and might end up being one of your favorites.

If you haven't tapped into his discography yet then this is a perfect way to start. It shows the effects his music can have on people when it comes to evoking feelings or emotions. Motivation and confidence are specifically projected in this track and you're sure to feel that when listening. It's all about focusing on the money and nothing else, hence feeling like as if he has an addiction to making money. For some people this can even be seen as a realistic problem instead of a metaphor because people tend to put money over everything. It can be a struggle when your love for money begins to start situations between you and those close to you. Regardless of how you interpret the track it will still leave you with a breadwinner vibe. His flow is relaxed and catchy while the beat gives off a outer space vibe. You can either vibe out and relax or get up and start your grind. You really get the hear and feel the message and energy he releases in the music.

It's definitely worth giving it a listen and if you end up enjoying it then make sure to check out the rest of his work. He's got other impressive tracks I'm sure you'll take fond of if you enjoy this one so tap in. He might become your new favorite artist.


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