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Who is Freshie?

Freshie has recently been the talk of the underground with groundbreaking sounds and recent achievements. He's proved to be more than deserving of the spotlight currently shining on him as he continues to reach new heights. Pushing his own "dirty" agenda, the Clevand, Ohio born artist is taking over with no plans of stopping and it's about time you've hopped on the wave.

If you haven't heard of Freshie already then you definitely haven't been doing your research. He's been making music for 7+ years and has worked with some of your favorite artists like Trippie Redd and Asian Doll. He's mostly recognized for his "keep it real" attitude when it comes to his music. His tracks and projects have all come from past experiences or whatever he currently felt at the time. It's that talent to capture his raw energy and emotion that he is so impressive at. That's also the message he sends with his "dirty" movement that he uses to connect with his supporters. In a interview with Us Versus World when asked about it's deeper meaning he stated, “It really came from just like being in Cleveland, getting in trouble, and getting out of trouble and just being dirty”. He uses his struggles in life to create something positive and motivates others to do the same. Not only can you feel this message through his music but through his performances as well. From opening for young thug to recently performing at Boxfest NY he's done plenty of shows where he exceeds expectations. He makes sure to show love to the whole audience by giving them a great performance. After tapping in you'll quickly understand why he's attracting so many listeners.

The versatile rager has also dropped plenty of visuals that you should check out, especially his most recent one for his track "trustMYSELF!". After checking out his work, I'm sure you'll become another suporter like so many others. As you'll soon find, it's only a matter of time before everyone is on the "dirty" wave.


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