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Who is Offrecordsounds?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Offrecordsounds is a Philadelphia based media company known for holding one of the strongest communities in the underground. Starting in August 2021 as an Instagram page, he soon grew to now having multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Discord, website blog, and more! Jeevan is the owner and founder of Offrecordsounds providing artists with some of the best groundbreaking opportunities to showcase themselves.

Other than supplying the underground with some of the latest news going on in music, ORS provides cheap and effective promo. His promos have proven to give a great reach in audience and listener growth even reaching eyes of top artists like Jaden Smith.

His ability to reach wide ranges of audiences and connections is all due to his great work ethic and support cycle given off by his loyal supporters. Many pages and artists struggle with having their promos perform well and that’s most likely because they lack the community or fanbase to help keep their content consistent with exponential growth. ORS has put in the time and energy to make sure he doesn’t have this problem. He shows love back to his supporters by being active in his discord, answering DMs, holding 6 active Instagram group chats, and having actual personal connections. If you don’t want to pay the price of a promo but still want to shine in the ORS spotlight then you can still have that chance for free! It’s possible that if you’re music and media presence are recognized you could be featured on ORS Certified, Philly showcase, interviews, blog posts, and Spotify playlist which have around the same outreach if not more than a regular promo. Offering excellent services while making you feel part of a family is what sets him apart from other promo/media pages as most tend to act robotic or are only in it for the money.

Doing it all by himself is more than enough proof to show that jeevan runs ORS with the motive of putting talented artists into the spotlight. He does this out of love for music and love for connections that come along his journey. Most of his followers would agree saying ORS and it’s community will definitely have a positive impact on your music career and maybe even life. Tap in with this one of a kind page offering exclusive opportunities and become party of a family.


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