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Why Candypaint Coke Should be the New Song on Your Playlist

Candypaint Smoke by Stinky Pete feat Sypski released on October 21,2021 is one of Stinky Pete's best tracks and something to level up your playlist. Its catchy lyrics and bumping sound will have you playing it over and over again either in your headphones or on your speaker. It starts off fading in a melodic beat but, soon switches up a bit when the drop comes and Stinky Pete starts to pop off with some vocals and begins to put you into a whole different world of music. In the beginning of the track Stinky Pete doesn't hide the characteristics make that him him and the lifestyle he lives. "Coming out the city with a .45, I ain't ever hesitate ever in my life, and I pop that shit I ain't think twice, made a deal with devil finna roll my dice...". Progressing throughout the track he talks about why he isn't the type of person to test and isn't afraid of cutting people off. As the track continues he spits bars that explain more and more about the Rockstar type of life he lives. Multiple times he references goin fast and spending cash which will have most people feeling this way when listening as well. This isn't the only part of his life he gives insight to as he also talks about the fake love and mental struggles he deals with as well. "Look at these hoes they be fucking for the pictures, bye-bye, yeah they bitches, bye-bye, can't deal with my mental slippin why try?". Track only gets better and better as he continues to switch flows and deliver cunning lines. What makes this track unique is the combination of both Stinky Pete's and Sypski's flows that work together on this song. Pete creates this up and jumping energy that makes the listener either wanna get up jumping or vibe out. Then Sypski comes in to create a chill and laidback atmosphere as he gives out heartbreaking lyrics that most have felt before. Most can relate to Sypski's words so it creates more of a personal tone at the end of the track. You can either sit back and enjoy the deep lyrics both artist provide when giving insight on their own life over a melodic beat or hear the bass bumping and have the whole party jumping. Either way this song is a must have on anyone's playlist whether it be for yourself or to share with your friends. If you want to check out the song or more of Stinky Pete's music click on these links below and enjoy!


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