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Why JEGthePoet is the Ghost of the Underground


JEGthePoet is a anonymous masked rapper/poet from South Texas who has been using his creative talents to express himself through music. Just by his name alone there are many characteristics that make him unique and different than most artist. To begin with he uses a masked persona which you don’t see too much of lately in the music scene. He’s creating a mysterious personality that you won’t be able to find in other artists making his character more intriguing and interesting to learn more about when listening to his music.


As you can tell by the poet in his name JEG likes to focus on lyricism and isn’t your typical mumble rapper that we see so much of today. Most of his tracks if not all carry a important message. Whether big or small JEGthePoet wants the listener to feel like they’ve learned something or feel more enlightened after hearing his tracks. In order to invoke that feeling he uses mass amounts of impressive vocabulary and powerful bumping beats to get his message across. He has multiple projects out all having hundreds of plays and views and are still exponentially growing. His flow vary from track to track but mostly sounds like a slow paced version of cypress hill‘s sound. Not many people can pull off that sound but JEG is able to do it almost perfectly. Fans are always Eager to hear his next track or project so I have no doubt in my mind about the success JEGthePoet will receive with his music.


With a moderate social media following now would be a perfect time to to tap in to his music and see what JEG is all about. His music is out on almost all platforms so it’s easy and convenient to find his music. JEGthePoet provides personal insight and strikes connections with his fans all while under a mask. This is why he’s the ghost of the underground.


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