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Why lilstressedout will relieve your stress


Lilstressedout is an up n coming artist from Florida who is starting to make a buzz in the underground scene. He focuses on making post-hardcore music which you don’t see a lot of these days or at least in the underground you don’t. He’s been making music since around 2019 and already has plenty of achievements. He’s already released multiple albums, eps, performed at shows, released an amv, and is under barely magic record label. When asked what got him into making music in an interview with underground.outsiders he states ”I always sorta made music ever since I was a child but I started making music under lilstressedout cause I personally was dealing with a lot of issues and I needed to talk about them without actually sitting in front of someone and talking to them.” It’s clear to see that he continues to express his emotions and thoughts through music to not only help himself but for others who are going through similar struggles as well.


If you ever feel alone and don't have anyone to talk to, lilstressedout is there for you with his music to let you know you aren't alone. He's had plenty of experience dealing with stressful times and isn't afraid to let others know. A lot of artists will fake emotions or talk about struggles they've never been in leaving a lot of people still feeling empty when looking for new music to help them with their problems. This is what makes lilstressedout different. He explained in his underground.outsiders interview that "... I saw a lot of like uninspired hardcore trap/trap metal and I personally love that music and it hurt to see so many people making emotionless songs out of that genre so I decided to take that and sorta go my own route with it... I just want as many people to hear it as possible I want my music to make an impact on as many people's lives as possible." He puts his all when it comes to making his music because he understands the importance of being a voice for those in need. He's got his own unique sound that you know will blow up in the future. Each track in his discography is different in its own way so you're not always getting the same type of song over and over. You could play his music by yourself or with your friends and just start a mini-concert wherever. He'll have you headbanging your emotions out while you hear his loud and empowering vocals over guitar and drums or vibing out while he spits heavy bars on top of trap-type beats. Fans of bones, suicide boys, and sxmpra are going to love listening to this artist.


lilstressed out has the potential to reach stardom and is already viewed as a rockstar. His tracks reach hundreds of plays and soon thousands. He has a new project dropping on 6/20/2022 called "Florida's Finest" which is anticipated by many. He's making the right moves right now doing interviews and performing shows. Fans have already started a close tight community because of his music. If you need a new artist to listen to now is the best time to tap in and show support for this rising star! For more lilstressedout click here- lilstressedout and if you want to see the interview with underground.outsiders click here- interview.

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