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Why Remedy4Ej Will be the Next Artist you Add to your Playlist

Remedy4Ej is the 16 year old artist heading to the top with his one of a kind sound. Putting in work at a young age, this dedicated artist has already reached achievements such as collaborating with artists like Kanii, performing multiple shows, and gaining more than 2k monthly listeners on Spotify. His numbers are doing nothing but growing and talent always improving. If he keeps on this current successful path he's on there will be no stopping him.

There are so many unique factors behind creating music as strong and emotional as his. Whether its his beat selection or powerful story telling, the energy that pulses from his tracks just pull you in wanting to always hear more. Inspired by artists such as Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Speaker Knockerz & John Legend you can definitely hear the potential he shares with these great artists. With lyrics that'll get you in your feelings, its no doubt why people tap in with his creative and expressive capabilities. Especially at a young age its very impressive to hear an artist these days be able to express what most people can't in such a relatable way. Not only do his lyrics touch your heart but his versatile flows are definitely something to talk about. He's able to switch up the way a track feels multiple times before its done and he's proven this time and time again. His ingenuity when it comes to his sound is incredible, but his skills do not stop there. He's viewed as an excellent performer already having experience with multiple shows and has even dabbled in producing as heard on his track "amour". He continues to perfect his skillset and is more than ready to take on the music journey ahead of him.

His most recent release is a official visualizer for his track "altruistic" which features a collage of moments in his life. “altruistic” is just one of the few amazing tracks in his discography. For new listeners I recommend hearing “Virtue” ft kanii, “sequence”, and “independent”. Having more releases coming soon you’ll want to make sure you listen to what he has out now.With plenty of room and time to grow there’s no telling what’s next for this up n coming artist. To hear more Remedy4Ej click here- Remedy4Ej

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