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Why you Have to be Following JSTN!

Who is JSTN!

JSTN! is a up n coming artist, producer, and YouTuber who is starting to become heard and seen by everyone with his music and his hilarious YouTube channel. Having many talents, JSTN! has been providing his fans with a variety of content that he puts all his energy into to make sure he gives back the best he can for his fans. Making music and beats is what he’s mostly known for by his audience and it’s easy to see why.


Previously known as Justin Hawkins, he’s now undergone a recent rebranding and now goes by the name JSTN!. Since the name change JSTN! Has been cooking up some fire music to prove that even with a new name he is still going to deliver the same music his fans love to hear. He’s very versatile but mostly his music consists of heartfelt and chill vibes. His latest track “OMG!” Ft Solo Dray is one of his best songs to come out. It’s received major positive feedback and is now exponentially growing with views and likes just like many of his other tracks. The song is one those feel good but deep meaning tracks as they talk about heart break and getting through the struggles with that emotion. The beat was produced by Whyte and definitely gives a Juice Wrld vibe with its melodic flow and the instruments used are very similar to the instruments used in beats Juice Wrld would use. Fans are excited for what they’ll hear next and theyll be happy to know that JSTN! Is actually releasing a EP soon but not much more details are known so you’ll just have to stay tune. Other than new music releasing, JSTN! has also started uploading new videos to his YouTube channel.


After taking a short hiatus from uploading blogs and music videos JSTN! Is now back with new content like reaction videos. His videos show off more of his personality and his humor while also being entertaining. He’s doing reaction videos in his own original way with his unique editing and comments. Currently he reacts to underground artists and their music to provide them a wider audience and bring more traction to their discography . He makes funny entertaining content for his fans while helping out small artists in the underground communit. Not a lot of people take the time out of their day to post content on local underground artists so be sure to subscribe and support his YouTube channel.

Up n Coming

Persistent with his grind to produce content, JSTN! is soon to be a star. the hard work and energy he puts into his content will surely pay off and im sure his fans would agree. JSTN! is definitely someone you’ll want to be following whether it’s for good music or looking for something funny or entertainin.


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