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Why You Should Check out Juan Sain’s track “Keep Calling (DND)”

Juan Sain is a driven and dedicated artist ready to take on the world with his music. His recent track "Keep Calling (DND)" ft Drama Relax has been making somewhat of a buzz with its catchy flow and lyrics. Let's break down the track and see why it's listen-worthy.

First off the track is produced by renowned producer big head who provides a wonderful beat for Juan Sain and Drama Relax. Both of these artists hop on the beat so well and make sure to not hold back with their vocals. As I said before the flows and lyrics are very catchy and will have you repeating the chorus over and over. The adlibs are amazing as well adding to the powerful emotions behind their words. Speaking of the strong feelings emitted from their lyrics and sound, let's talk about the meaning behind the track. It's all about dealing with a struggling relationship and a significant other that just won't leave you alone. They talk about how they'll try to contact you when all you wanna do is move on or having love for them, but after their actions you just don't love them the same anymore. That's why the words dnd (do not disturb) are included in the title because it's one of the few ways to ignore people. The track gets a lot deeper but that's for you to listen to and hear for yourself.

Both of these artists have created a intense emotional track that could be easily relatable to anyone going through it. It could be seen a stress reliever getting you through a hard time or good vibes to play in the whip. Either way it's definitely a track you should check out and maybe even add to your playlist. Click here to listen - Keep Calling (DND)


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