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Why you Should Follow M42ndaily

@m42ndaily is a social media sensation currently gathering the attention of thousands everyday. He's widely respected in the underground/mainstream music community because of his funny out of the box ideas and famed tournaments. He's always coming up with new content and sharing the trendiest topics, so you're always in the loop.

When it comes to his Instagram, @m42ndaily does it like no other. Everyday he makes sure to deliver a variety of posts to his supporters. He definitely has more of a comedic take on things than you'd find on other pages but that's what makes him unique. He's not corny and doesn't post the same content everyone else does. You can tell effort and thought is put into his work. Even if it may be for laughs, he shows dedication for new enjoyable entertainment everyday. This hard work has allowed him to collaborate with popular content creators and blogs such as @dailychiefers and @fortheyouth.

Although his posts bring in many, he's most notably known for his tournaments. What's viewed as a genius move by other creators is simple ingenuity to this page. While most have seen simple artists tournaments, @m42ndaily takes a different approach by doing tournaments based on A&Rs and other topics like "who has the best beard in the underground". This has provided him with an opportunity to tap in with with all sorts of figures in the music industry. People come to him for laughs but end up enganging with what he has to say. This is why he is widely well respected. He has this humorous personality while also holding a index of information when it comes to music and what's popping. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to this page and that's why you should follow.

With 9K+ on Instagram and 30k+ on tiktok, @m42ndaily is soon to skyrocket onto everyone's feed. Go be apart of his well built, loved community and hop on the wave with just one click. If not now, it's only a matter of time before you will.


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