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Why you Should Peep Hoodie Hardaway

Hoodie Hardaway is a dedicated underground artist coming out of Scranton PA. With already 100+ monthly listeners on Spotify he is slowly but surely building a strong audience. Let's talk about his music and why you should be part of the growing wave.

After listening to Hoodie Hardaway, one big thing I noticed was his versatility in his discography. He's got so many tracks that are emotional and meaningful, but also has tracks about flexing and just getting lit. He's got music for the heart broken and for the heart breakers. This versatility allows his music to relate more to people on a larger and deeper scale. Other than his versatility, his flows are very impressive as well. He's able to just surf on beats without having to switch up his vocals very much. His flows just always seem to compliment the beat he's on just amplifying whatever feeling it's trying to imply. His skills to just bring out these specific moods in his tracks proves he knows what he's doing when it comes to music.

As I said before he's got a little music for everyone so whether you're into the more somber vibes or turnt energy, he's got something for you. Some tracks I would personally recommend are “Bad Kids”, “Project X”, and “Ain’t Missing A Thing”. He's got plenty more in his discography so why not take a chance and maybe find a new favorite artist. To listen to Hoodie Hardaway click here - Spotify


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