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Why YungJosh93 Should be the Next Artist on Your Playlist

YungJosh93 has been connected with music his whole life. A Houston legend and native, YungJosh93 grew up in the streets of Houston despite the fact his entire family is Bohemian natives. YungJosh93 has been battling vs the entire industry looking to break through never losing site of his mission to get his message of how he was raised in the streets of Houston out to the entire world. With such dedication and energy put into his music YungJosh93 rarely fails to deliver good vibes with his tracks. Keeping it upbeat and catchy, the flows given off the majority of his discography is something to behold. He has been racking up thousands of plays and views with numbers exponetially growing on multiple streaming platforms. Some of his most notable work comes from his collaborative project with Don Toliver "Playa Familia Mixtape". Filled with bumping, party starting tracks like "Chief Keef", "Pimpin Pimpin", and "Play Me". It's plain to see YungJosh93's talent to keep his lyricism and wordplay in sync with his unique manner and personality. His most recent track released "Love Deposition" is a great showcase of his orginal style and how he applies his real life into his music. On this track he expresses the fact that his mindset is different than most who have lived the similar street life YungJosh93 has been through. He chooses not to be stuck in a hole and continues to break boundires to prove that he isnt't just your average artist. He's got speed, creativity, the focus, and more and more people are seeing it everyday.

He's been featured on multiple platforms sharing his story and music for those who want more insight on the amazing artist. Some memorable platforms he's been featured on would be his spot as a guest on the Breakfast club, Burn Labs Podcast, and being mentioned in Don Toliver's "Before they were Famous" video as a contributer to Don Toliver's rising success. More is to come as YungJosh93 has no signs of stopping his path of stardom with plans of releasing more music and music videos. Now is the perfect opportunity to tap in with this upcoming rapper and show love to a genuine artist. To hear more about this artist click here- YungJosh93

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