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XYVL and his Heartbreaking song "Save You".

"Save You" by XYVL released on December 20, 2021, is a unique track that touches the heartstrings of people who have been through tough relationships. You can tell that XYVL speaks from his heart in this track as it leaves the listener reminiscing about the good times.

In more detail, the song is about feeling like you are the only match for someone that doesn't seem to see the effort you put into wanting them. He talks about the feeling you get when the only person being genuine with the person you like is you and all you want from that person is to be saved by you, but they just can't seem to notice. Most if not all have been through this at least once and he manages to put that feeling into words on this track. The lyrics are loud and profound which is not surprising coming from someone who is speaking from the heart. "They couldn't ease your mind, they couldn't save your time, I'm here to save your soul, I won't let you". That verse is just one of many that will have you relating to this track and have you playing it over n over again. The beat is very angelic and keeps you in a state of your feelings. The guitar strings aren't the only strings that play in this track as it also plucks away at your own heartstrings. Fans going through a rough time will find clarity or sanctuary with this track as it shows other people you aren't alone in this cruel world. The genuine emotion that's put on this track is felt and heard throughout the whole thing. If you want an artist who truly isn't afraid o show his emotions make sure to stay tuned to XYVL.

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