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YOSHIXOXO is One of the Underground’s Underrated Artists

YOSHIXOXO is one of the underground’s next rockstars. Constant lit energy and using strength in his words, he always makes sure his expression is heard loud and clear. His numbers are increasing as more and more are hearing from this dedicated artist.

Fans of Yeat or Ken Carson will surely be a fan of YOSHIXOXO and his special sound. He’s able to hop on a plethora of beats and just absolutely destroy them. Soul, heart, and body are felt within his vocals to make his music just that much more exciting. His album “LiFELiNE” proves this. 12 tracks filled with versatile and astounding beats creating a underground work of art. It's a great start if you want to start listening to his music. You can tell by the energy in his voice that he's dedicated to his talent and music. He's been releasing music for about two years and has made plenty of progress. He's gotten a feature from popular artist Sadboyshaq and has worked with countless of talented producers. He's been reaching hundred of plays and with the current path he's on it shouldn't be too long before he starts hitting thousands.

He's been putting in the work to make sure people see him as the rockstar he is. Sound constantly evolving, his supporters are always anticipating his next drop. If need a new artist to show support and listen to, YOSHIXOXO should be your guy. Click here to hear more ! YOSHIXOXO


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