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You Won’t Regret Watching Oliversdior new Music Video

Oliversdior has been on the come up for some time now and is expected to take over 2023! Whether it's making a fire track or being the main star in his fire visuals, he gets it done and better than the last. He's recently released a music video for his track "regrets" from his EP "Indigo" that's been gaining lots of traction lately. Big names like Rich Amiri and 2K BABY have already co signed the track itself so let's dive into the visuals of this upcoming sound.

The music video was directed and edited by Alexander and published on Unified Atlantic YouTube channel. It's already racked up thousands of views since it's release and it's no surprise why. Creative camera angles, small but impresionable effects, and eye catching settings are what make this music video one of oliversdior's best yet. Once you listen to the track itself and understand the story he details through the track, the video becomes much more significant. With the way oliversdior and the actress slightly interact with each other, it starts too look more like a romance/drama movie. It's one of those videos where the more you watch it, the more interested you become. You'll start to look at the significant small details and put together shots that reference a lyric perfectly. It's very entertaining and is a must watch for anyone who appreciates a good music video.

Tap into this talented artist and show support by giving his "regrets" music video a click. I'm sure you're more than likely to become a fan of his work after giving him a listen. For all you know you might've just found your new favorite artist!

To hear the track click here- "regrets" prod by ayowitty


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