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Zayamira Shows his True Colors with “MAGENTA”

Zayamira formerly known as Jekeziene has released his fire album “MAGENTA”. With a raw and energetic vibe flowing naturally from Zayamira “Magenta” is filled with 12 powerful tracks with 7 features coming from talented artists. The emotion and work put into this project make it worth all the hype.

Zayamira is able to show both sides of his personality which the album title suggests since magenta is made up of two colors. He’s able to have the thugs and the heartbroken souls of the world relate to his words as he speaks from the heart. You can get the party started with tracks like “Looking 4 U” ft Bktherula and “DREAMING” ft ayokatana, two of the many songs that’ll get heads bumping and bodies moving anytime anywhere. You can also get tapped in with your emotions with tracks like “IM sorry” and “Letter To My Dad”. Those tracks and a couple more will have you connecting with Zayamira on more personal level. Able to speak about his personal life experience, he’s not afraid to openly talk about his struggles because he knows his music has the potential to help and heal others. The beats used for this album are excellent and help set up the foundation Zayamira needs to perform his best. The prods definitely understood the assignment and delivered a wide range of versatile beats so you’ll always have a new experience with each track. Putting everything together it’s clear to see Zayamira did not hold back on this album and his effort shouldn’t be slept on.

“MAGENTA” should be the next album you listen to on repeat. Featured on all platforms you’re able to hear it anywhere. Expressive flows, unique sounds, and organized creatively make this album necessary to give a listen if you’re a music lover. To hear for yourself click the link “MAGENTA”

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