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Zoku- No Apologies

Zoku is undoubtedly one of the next artists coming up from the underground and into the spotlight along with other artists such as Autumn, Summrs, SSG Kobe, and many more. The reason being is because of Zoku's unique style and voice. His sound is definitely his own because there is no one else sounding or even close to sounding like him. The energy put into his work is seen and heard by many which is why he has such a supportive and growing fanbase. His words are genuine and come from self-experience making it easy for fans to connect with his music. You can hear it for yourself with his most recent track "No Apologies" which is about leaving a struggling relationship and the back and forth love/hate emotion one goes through in this situation.

If you ever had to leave a relationship cause you knew it wasn't good for you then this is the perfect track for you. Even if you haven't, these heartbreaking lyrics will make you feel like you have. If you listen closely to the track Zoku is able to tap into each of the 5 stages of grief. Multiple lines about thinking he should change for someone else, taking pills to help the pain, swerving on the freeway, and even reaching a sense of closure. This track is like a speed run to getting your emotions out after a breakup. In my personal opinion, I think the main message he is trying to send is when you're going through a tough breakup you may have a lot of self-doubts, but you should never change who you are for someone who can't accept you for you.

The track is produced by talented and popular producer Flawless who is known more for his Lucki-type beats. The beat is nothing less than angelic with its beautiful melody and smooth transitioning. Just like most of Zoku's tracks, it starts off soft and then begins to become a loud banger when he hops on and starts giving his all. A lot is anticipated for this track and is expected to reach high numbers. Fans are already begging for a sped-up version to be released with Zoku even teasing the idea on his story. In time, depending on the track's progress, we might even get a music video for this one! Go listen to the track yourself and give it your own thoughts.

Click the image to listen to "No Apologies" by Zoku


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